Cycling Tips

Tires: 1,000 to 2,000 miles depending on tread and tire’s intended use.  Review monthly for cuts, slits and dry rot.

Chain:  1,500 to 2,000 miles depending on ride style.  10 speed road chains tend to get less mileage than thicker 9 or less speed chains.  Also depends heavily on proper cleaning/lubing schedule and what type of environment bicycle is used in.

Cassette:  5,000 to 10,000 miles varying greatly based on chain replacement.  If chain is replaced before it has “worn out” cassette lifespan is greatly increased.  Proper cleaning and lubing will also dramatically increase the useful lifespan of a bicycle’s drive train.

Derailleur Cables: 2,500 miles or once a season.  This is especially important on road bikes since the cables tend to fail inside the shifter and could result in failure of the shifter.


Brake Cables: 5,000 miles or bi-yearly.  Cables develop friction, which can cause poor brake performance as well as fail over time.

Brake Pads: Check  every other month.  Brake pad wear can vary significantly based on riding conditions.  Rain, mud, salt and bicycle cleanliness can all dramatically reduce the life span on your brake pads.

Bearings: 2,500 miles or yearly inspection/adjustment/overhaul.  Loose bearings can cause damage to cups and cones and result in need for replacement of that bearing.  Bearing systems, especially hubs should be cleaned and re-greased periodically in order to prolong their usable lifespan.  Bottom brackets should be removed and cleaned every season or so, especially on mountain bikes to prevent creaking/popping noises.

Grips/Bar Tape: Every season or so.  Grips that twist or fall off can be hazardous to rider.  New bar tape can improve ride feel and grip.

Cleaning: 200 Miles or Monthly.  This will greatly improve the lifespan if your chain/cassette and also provide cleaner, easier shifting.  This is also the best time to inspect frame for damage or cracks, which can cause failures in the future.


Every ride: Wipe stanchions with clean rag

Every season (30 hours): Change oil and dust seals/crush washers

Every other season (100 hours): Full overhaul, new air and damper seals, as well as new oil.

Preventative Maintenance


Today biking is a fun way to improve your fitness, meet up with new people and absorb your environs at a slower pace than possible from a speeding automobile. These bikes offer speed, agility and efficiency. Before starting your search, consider these questions:

What style of bike do you ride now?

What type of riding would you like to do?

What is your budget? Road bikes range from about $1,000 up to $10,000 or even more. Don't forget to budget for accessories such as bike shoes, clothing and basic repair equipment, too.

The experts at Southbridge Bicycles can give you the details on frame materials, frame geometry, components and fit.

Choosing Your Road Bike

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