Our Most Popular Service!   $75

The perfect way to remove grime and get smoother shifting.

Recommended by Bicycle Manufacturers to be performed once a year.

Service and Repair

Your one-stop bike shop...

Stop by our shop for a friendly, accurate assessment of your bicycle repair and maintenance needs. We will offer you the best options to get the repairs you need to keep your bike running for as long as possible. Whether you need a simple adjustment or a performance overhaul, we’ll  get you safely back out riding.

Tune-Up DELUXE      $125
Great for commuters, mid to high mileage road riders and mountain bikers.

Complete OVERHAUL    $170

Your bike will be like new after this is done!

Ideal for high use and/or those with heavy road grime or dirt build up.

Complete REBUILD     $200 $200

The ULTIMATE treatment for you bike!

Fitting Services

Cleat Fitting (Velobene):  $ 50.00 

Basic Bicycling Fitting:  $50.00 

Advanced Bicycle Fitting:  $150.00

★ STORAGE POLICY: Please pick up bikes within 7 days of being called or a $5/day Storage Fee will be charged.

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We service all fox and rock shock forks.

Basic fork service:  $70.00 plus parts includes:

Next shock service: $35.00 plus parts, includes:



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